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Natty Gro Hair Moisturizer

Natty Gro Hair Moisturizer


Plant our Natty Gro hair moisturizer throughout your scalp & hair for the feeling of manifestation! The butters, oils, and herbs all provide beneficial factors to the scalp and hair:



Butter(s): supply health, hair growth, moisture, vitamins(a & e), and shine 



Oils: rich in vitamins(b,c, & e) and minerals, strenthens hair, promotes hair thickness, hair loss aid, healing of hair follicles, hair growth, & reduces scalp irritation, tingly sensation in hair and scalp, strengthens the roots



Herbs:  hydrate scalps, improve condition of scalp, regenerative properties which helps hair follicles grow, antioxiodants that protect hair and scalp, increases blood circulation to scalp, stimulating hair growth, antibacterial, sooths dry and itchy scalp, protects against breakage, adds shine to hair, antimicrobial, combats hair loss


















ingredients: butter(s): cocoa & shea, oil(s): jojoba, rosehip, olive, peppermint, rosemary, thyme, herbs: gotu kola, nettle

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